Tau Ceti, Amstrad CPC

I wrote quite a bit about the original ZX Spectrum version – because it’s so good – but this 1986 Amstrad version of Tau Ceti is possibly even better than the original…

Why? Slightly better use of colour (debatable). Wider display (with a slightly different layout), and because it runs slightly faster than the original. So the differences are “slight,” but are still worth a mention.

Playing Tau Ceti is like a bit like that scene in the film Pitch Black: when the sun goes down you’re gonna need a bigger gun (and your Infra Red goggles) to survive for more than ten minutes…

Tau Ceti is a classic game on any system. I played this Amstrad version for a few hours recently and had a ball in the process. It’s still great to play now.

More: Tau Ceti on Wikipedia


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