Road Rash 3, Megadrive/Genesis

The third Road Rash was released exclusively for the Sega Megadrive by Electronic Arts in 1995 and it carries on the fine tradition of “video game violence on a motorcycle for one or two players”.

The bikers and vehicles in Road Rash 3 are (vaguely) digitised from real video footage and thus have a reasonably realistic but washed-out look to them. The roads themselves dip and climb realistically and also feature the now ‘trademark’ Road Rash cross roads, with traffic moving across you, and therefore posing an extra risk when passing.

Split screen two-player is back and is just as much fun as in Road Rash II.

Same as before: the aim of the game is to come third or higher in a series of brutal road races that take place in various locales around the world – Australia, Kenya, Japan, Italy, Brazil, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Riders can use weapons to hit each other as they vie for an advantage, which means that you can do the same. You can actually carry more than one weapon and switch between them during a race.

It goes without saying that falling off your bike will put you behind the field, so avoiding being knocked off is key to winning races.

In single-player you have wing mirrors so can see behind you, but there isn’t room on screen for that in two-player.

A shop pops up between levels where you can buy upgrades with your winnings.

Road Rash 3 is another classic racing game from EA; it was developed by Monkey Do Productions and remains a favourite among games-players to this day.

Note: My friend Gaz swears by this game. He says it’s the best in the series. Who am I to argue?

More: Road Rash 3 on Wikipedia

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