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California Games, Atari 2600

Epyx programmed this 1988 conversion of California Games themselves, and – to be honest – it’s actually not that bad, considering the Atari 2600‘s limitations.

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Chip’s Challenge, Atari Lynx

The Atari Lynx version was the original version of Chip’s Challenge. It was developed by Chuck Sommerville at Epyx and first released in 1989.

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Todd’s Adventures in Slime World, Megadrive/Genesis

Todd’s Adventures in Slime World is a game developed by Epyx and first released on the Atari Lynx in 1990.

This Megadrive/Genesis version came later – in 1991 – and in my mind is better than the original, because you can see more of the play area in this version (because the graphics are higher resolution), and there’s also simultaneous split-screen play.

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