California Games, Atari Lynx

Epyx‘s classic C64 game, California Games, was converted (by Epyx themselves) to the Atari Lynx and released in 1989.

Unfortunately it only features four events – footbag, halfpipe, BMX, and surfing. Roller skating and Frisbee (as seen in the original) are missing. That said: this is a decent conversion – if you ignore the missing events.

Graphically it’s not too bad either. BMX has some nice isometric scrolling graphics. Surfing has a fairly simple representation of the rolling waves (like the original), and halfpipe features a scrolling screen (probably because the Lynx couldn’t fit everything on a single screen, as seen in the original). Footbag is probably the least appealing visually, but even that is more than adequate.

The gameplay is challenging and playable, but limited. Overall, Atari Lynx California Games is not a bad effort.

More: California Games on Wikipedia

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