Blue Lightning, Atari Lynx

This arcade-style, third-person combat flight game was developed by Epyx and released exclusively for the Atari Lynx in 1989. Blue Lightning was actually a launch title for the North American release of the Lynx.

Taking control of the titular ‘Blue Lightning‘ prototype aircraft, you must fly into enemy territory and aid the allies by completing nine different missions, each with different objectives. You have a front-mounted machine gun and a limited number of missiles to shoot stuff with. You also have six lives and if you crash or are destroyed you must start each mission from the beginning again.

Although Blue Lightning is not based on a previous arcade game (which many of the Lynx‘s titles are) the game’s designers were influenced by Sega‘s classic After Burner, and as a result it plays very similarly. And – like After BurnerBlue Lightning makes use of hardware sprite scaling and rotation to create the fast-paced gameplay.

Blue Lightning was positively received when it was first released and still plays quite well nowadays. It was an ambitious game to shoehorn onto a handheld console, but paid off for Epyx and was a good showcase for the capabilities of the Lynx.

A 1995 re-make of Blue Lightning was one of the few games ever released for the Atari Jaguar CD, and in fact was a pack-in title.

More: Blue Lightning on Wikipedia

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