Paperboy, Megadrive/Genesis

The Megadrive/Genesis port of the classic Paperboy arcade game is probably the best conversion of the game available. Outside of the arcade original – or anything else that can emulate it perfectly – the Megadrive version comes a close second. Paperboy was first released for the Megadrive/Genesis by Tengen in 1991 and was ported by British company Motivetime Ltd.

The graphics have been adapted brilliantly to the Megadrive‘s lower resolution (compared to the arcade game), and the controls work perfectly here too. The handlebar controls being replaced by a simple two-button turning mechanism on the gamepad.

The levels from the arcade game have been adapted to the Megadrive well, and playing Paperboy here could even be the best way to enjoy the game.

I can’t reiterate enough: Paperboy on the Megadrive is a great port of the arcade game – arguably even the best version of Paperboy around. If you own a Megadrive or Genesis it should really be in your collection.

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