Paperboy, Sega Master System

The 1990 Sega Master System version of Paperboy was developed by Tiertex and is definitely one of the best versions of Paperboy around.

The graphics in the Sega Master System version are very close to the arcade original and the gameplay works extremely well with gamepad controls. The bike has a nice, gradual movement to it as it rotates left and right.

It’s the same Paperboy as seen in most of the other ports: ie. repetitive but compelling. You cycle the same street – over and over again – with different enemy placements, throwing newspapers at doormats and mailboxes.

Paperboy‘s always been an ingenious idea, but getting the balance of playability and challenge right isn’t easy. The programmers and artists at Tiertex managed to get this one spot on. Or at least: as good as you can get it on the Master System. Which is, surprisingly, very good.

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