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Alien 8, MSX

The MSX version of Ultimate‘s classic isometric action adventure, Alien 8, is almost identical to the ZX Spectrum original – including slowdown caused by sound effects playing and lots of on-screen movement.

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Alien 8, ZX Spectrum

The original ZX Spectrum version of Alien 8 was first released in 1985, not long after Knight Lore had already blown the world away with its incredible isometric graphics and characteristic gameplay.

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Ultimate Play The Game Loading Screens, ZX Spectrum

The ZX Spectrum Loading Screens on all the early Ultimate Play The Games titles are so beautiful that I can’t resist running them again. Any excuse. They are wonderful pixel art from a bygone age of game-making.

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Alien 8, Amstrad CPC

The famous Ultimate ZX Spectrum game, converted skilfully to the Amstrad CPC and eclipsing the original in the process. More colour – less slowdown! 🙂

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