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Herc’s Adventures, Sega Saturn

Herc’s Adventures is a cartoon action game developed by Big Ape Productions and published by LucasArts and is based on Greek mythology and the adventures of Hercules. It was first released in 1997 for the Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation. The game is similar in graphical style to two other LucasArts classics, Day of the Tentacle and Zombies Ate My Neighbors, in that it uses exaggerated cartoon-style animation to present the world and characters.

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Hercules, ZX Spectrum

The ZX Spectrum also had a version of Steve Bak‘s bonkers C64 platform game, Hercules. It was written by Quantum Productions and published by Alpha Omega Software in 1986.

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Hercules, Commodore 64

Steve Bak‘s insane-but-fun platform game, Hercules, was first released on the Commodore 64 by Interdisc in 1984. By “insane” I mean: the game is deliberately deceptive to the point of driving the player to insanity! 🙂

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