Nightshade, ZX Spectrum

Nightshade is an isometric action adventure, released by Ultimate Play The Game for the ZX Spectrum in 1985.

It is something of a continuation of the Knight Lore theme, with the Filmation Engine once again employed to provide the environment and physics, only this time the screen scrolls, with the main character staying in the middle.

You play a knight who is trapped inside a plague-ridden village and who must track down and defeat four evil demons who are wreaking havok. People in the village have been turned into vampires, werewolves and other supernatural creatures and are now after your blood. You can pick up antibodies inside houses and fire them at infected villagers to destroy them. To kill the demons you need to find one of four special weapons and use the correct one against them. Certainly not an easy task because the position of the weapons and demons changes with every game.

Nightshade is another fine Ultimate release from the mid Eighties. It’s certainly not up with their very best, but it is an impressive and important 8-bit game nonetheless.

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