Entombed, Commodore 64

Entombed was Ultimate Play The Game‘s first (and possibly only) hit game on the Commodore 64. It received rave reviews from most who played it back in 1985 and the gaming world was generally quite receptive of it.

In it you play Sir Arthur Pendragon and must negotiate your way through a deadly Egyptian tomb. Some of the puzzles are obscure and the sprites are quite chunky, but overall Entombed is still quite compelling to play now.

As the series went on it received more and more slatings, and Sir Arthur Pendragon and his miserable little game series finally died a death*. 🙂

*= I’m joking of course, although Zzap!64 seemed to hate Sir Arthur Pendragon games so much in the end that I guess I’m just making light of that. Entombed is a great game, and a classic Commodore 64 action adventure, in the tradition of Indiana Jones.

The Sir Arthur Pendragon series on The King of Grabs:
The Staff of Karnath, Entombed, Blackwyche, and Dragon Skulle

More: Entombed on Wikipedia

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