Atic Atac, Commodore 64

Wow… This is arguably the best modern remake of an old video game that I’ve ever seen!

This beautiful 2020 homebrew rendition of Ultimate‘s classic Spectrum game comes courtesy of three individuals: the code was written by Tomaz Kac of Nostalgia, the graphics were created by Steven Day (aka Ste), and the music by Saul Cross.

All three of them deserve some serious credit.

After 37 years the C64 finally gets its own version of Atic Atac,” says Tomaz Kac, “I hope we did the game justice. We tried to make it very special, not just by getting as close to Spectrum version, but by expanding it quite a bit. We hope you like it!

Not only have these homebrew heroes managed to convert what I believe to be Ultimate‘s best game to the Commodore 64 – flawlessly and in great style – but they’ve also managed to improve on it too!

Now, before you go threatening me with violence for “disrespecting the Spectrum“, let me just say this: I love the original Spectrum Atic Atac. It is one of my favourite games of all time. But this modern C64 remake is just fantastic… It retains everything that made the original Speccy version so good, but also utilises the C64‘s capabilities to improve the experience overall.

There are flickering wall lights, extra colours in the decals and sprites, an improved loading screen… There’s even a new feature called the “Sabreman Suit” –  a pith helmet, a safari outfit, and a whip – that must be collected and used in combination with a silver coin to beat the Wolfman. That wasn’t in the original… This really is a conversion worthy of Ultimate themselves!

Atic Atac on the C64 is an obvious labour of love, and it also plays like one. It’s truly brilliant. It’s also free to download and play. Check out the link below to acquire it.

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