Knight Lore MSX2 Remake, MSX

This 2009 MSX2 remake of the classic Knight Lore was created by Manuel Pazos and Daniel Celemin of Retroworks, and it is a fun addition to the ever-growing number of Ultimate remakes on the internet. The same guys who made this also made the MSX2 remake of Alien 8, which I quite liked.

The basic gameplay remains the same as in the original, except that this version has slightly more responsive controls and a map showing you where all the important items are. There’s still a significant amount of slowdown when the screen is busy, although this has almost become a meme with 8-bit isometric action games.

The graphical style is excellent throughout, although I didn’t much like the Wolfman‘s default colour palette when you change into him. I liked the idea that the colour palettes change – depending on who you’re playing as – but the Wolfman‘s viewpoint I thought was too dark. Scenes played as Sabre Man are beautifully-lit. Scenes as the Wolfman are dark and subdued. Which is atmospheric I guess, but it does dampen the visual impact when playing as the werewolf.

If you haven’t already played this remake yet then it’s definitely worth a look. It’s playable and looks great. It’s probably the best Knight Lore remake I’ve seen to date.

Knight Lore on The King of Grabs:
ZX Spectrum, BBC Micro, Amstrad CPC, MSX, Famicom Disk System, Commodore 64

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