Lunar Jetman Retrospec Remake, PC

Another Retrospec remake of a classic Ultimate game. This time: Lunar Jetman. This one was released in 2002 and unfortunately is another flawed piece of software.

I’m beginning to think that Retrospec‘s desire to remake these classic Spectrum games is not such a good idea, because their coders (as I’m discovering) tend to make bad design decisions.

The biggest problem I have with this game is the background. The moving starfield (which moves along the ‘z’ axis), in relation to the parallax scrolling mountains (moving in the ‘x’ axis) made me feel badly disoriented and nauseous, and I very rarely – if ever – suffer from that kind of thing. Combining side-scrolling parallax with a moving starfield is a recipe for disaster and I don’t think the developer was thinking clearly when he decided to do that. In fact: I still feel a bit disoriented now, some half an hour after playing the game. Which is not good. If it doesn’t affect you in that way, then good for you, but it made me as dizzy as hell. As soon as I saw the moving starfield over the scrolling mountains I thought: “WTF was this guy thinking?!” The fact that the title screen says “copyright Rare” is also disingenuous.

This Lunar Jetman remake could’ve been great. The controls are responsive; the graphics are well-drawn; the music is pretty good, and at least the game runs at the right speed. I didn’t like the pointless and unrealistic smoke effects (which just get in the way of things, and there would be no visible exhaust fumes on the moon, nor would the vehicle or jet pack be powered by fossil fuels), and it goes without saying that I absolutely hated the background movement.

Another flawed Retrospec remake that you should play with caution if you’re susceptible to motion sickness. I didn’t think I was but this game made me think otherwise.

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