Cookie Retrospec Remake, PC

This remake of Ultimate Play the Game‘s ZX Spectrum classic, Cookie, is unfortunately completely unplayable on modern PCs. It just runs way too fast to be playable and the only way to slow it down is by using a throttling app, like Advanced Game Launcher. But even then it’s still not very playable, so is a bit of a lost cause. Your only option would be to play it on very old, slow hardware to get it going at the right speed.

Also: I couldn’t find a way to make the game full screen (Alt+Enter didn’t work), so I was reduced to playing it in a postage stamp-sized 320×200 window in the middle of my 1920×1080 desktop. It would’ve been nice if the game at least had a menu option that allowed you to switch between full screen and windowed.

Which is a pity because this Cookie remake does look like fun to play and the graphics are excellent.

Since this Retrospec remake was initially released in 2000 (twenty one years ago, at the time of writing) it is unsurprising that it runs so fast on a modern PCs. It would be great to have the developer update it with a speed throttle, a game over screen, a high score table, and a few more options. But let’s face it: that probably isn’t going to happen. So maybe it’s time for someone else to remake it?

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