Gunfright, Atari 8-Bit

One of the better Atari 8-bit homebrew Ultimate conversions, Gunfright was ported by Mariusz, Jose Pereira, Emkay and Saul Cross in 2017. It plays pretty much the same as the ZX Spectrum original and looks similar to the Commodore 64 homebrew release of 2017. In fact there may be a connection between them since one of the people who worked on the C64 port also worked on this.

Gunfright is a simple scrolling Western-themed adventure game where the aim to to track down a series of bandits who are located inside a Wild West town. And, once you found one, you must then beat them in a quick-draw shootout.

Gunfright was the last Ultimate game to have been created by the original ACG team and it bears many of the hallmarks of the classic Ultimate games of yore, including a variety of humorous touches, and simple, challenging gameplay. Thankfully, the people who ported this didn’t mess it up and it runs smoothly and is reasonable fun to play.

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