Lunar Jetman, Atari 8-Bit

An Atari 8-bit homebrew conversion of Ultimate‘s classic Spectrum shooter, Lunar Jetman, made by Fandal and Irgendwer in 2014, that is even more frustrating to play than the original…

Why is it more frustrating to play? Because it’s less smooth, less colourful, and because the controls aren’t particularly responsive or well implemented. Laying girders over potholes I found to be particularly frustrating. The fire rate of the laser seems a bit off too. And the countdown timer doesn’t seem to give you enough time to actually do anything either.

I struggled to get any enjoyment out of this version of Lunar Jetman and unless you’re a die hard Atari 8-bit fanatic you probably will too.

It might have been better to remake the game to take advantage of the Atari‘s capabilities, rather than make a straight conversion. On the plus side: it doesn’t cost anything to download and play, but whether this is worth spending any time on or not is arguable. I’d say not. If you want to play Lunar Jetman as it was meant to be played I’d recommend the Spectrum original or the BBC Micro conversion over this port.

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