Gunfright, Amstrad CPC

The Amstrad CPC received a conversion of Ultimate Play the Game‘s Filmation II game Gunfright in 1986 and it unfortunately suffers from the same problems that the previous Amstrad Filmation II conversion (Nightshade) did, namely: colour issues and slowdown problems.

Thankfully the slowdown isn’t as big a problem as seen in Amstrad Nightshade, possibly because Gunfright‘s graphics aren’t as demanding as Nightshade‘s. The game does slow down on occasion, though. I don’t know who actually coded this conversion because Ultimate were secretive about that kind of thing.

The aim of Gunfright is to explore a small Wild West town, looking for outlaws to challenge to a duel. The more outlaws you beat, the more money you make in bounties. The frustrating thing about the game is that merely touching any of the civilians walking around the town will lose you a life. You can shoot them although this will cost you some money in the form of a fine. Bullets and horses also cost money and if you run out of cash and have no bullets left you’ll have no option but to restart the game.

Gunfright is a relatively easy game to understand and play (not always the case with Ultimate games) and is fun enough to play on the Amstrad. I wouldn’t say that it’s better than the original, though. Filmation (one) games seem to work better on the Amstrad than on the Spectrum, but Filmation II games (like this and Nightshade) don’t work quite so well. On the plus side: it does have decent music that occurs more regularly than in the original.

More: Gunfright on Wikipedia

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