Paperboy, Apple II

The Apple II version of Paperboy was published by Mindscape in 1988 and unfortunately it is a slow, garish mess that is barely playable, although it’s not a complete disaster…

Although the controls are sluggish, the scrolling is jerky, and scoring points is a luxury, Paperboy does have a modicum of playability, but you have to fight through the slowness and the technical problems before you can find any enjoyment in this conversion.

Completing the ‘assault course’ at the end of a round seems nigh on impossible too. The bike simply isn’t agile enough to make turns quick enough to make the water jumps, and it’s extremely difficult judging where the bike is in relation to the ground. So hitting those small water jump ramps is almost impossible. And they really shouldn’t be that difficult to hit…

I didn’t enjoy Paperboy on the Apple II. I don’t know if there was something wrong with my control configuration, but I found the bike to be very difficult to control, and the delay, from pressing Enter to actually throwing a newspaper, is also agonisingly slow. Scoring points (by throwing newspapers into mailboxes) is a very hit and miss affair in this conversion, and it shouldn’t be this hard to score points!

There are many other Paperboy conversions that are much better than the Apple II port, so why would you even bother with it? It’s barely worth it.

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