Paperboy, ZX Spectrum

The 1986 ZX Spectrum version of Paperboy is both a nice self-contained attempt at Paperboy on a Spectrum, and also a bit of a joke when compared to other versions of this great game… Let me explain.

When you’re ‘in the zone’ playing this game it feels like the best thing ever, but when the camera zooms out, revealing the rickety reality of the ZX Spectrum, Paperboy doesn’t hold up compared to more authentic ports on other systems. Admittedly on systems that are generations ahead of the Spectrum.

While Paperboy on the Spectrum is a brave attempt at bringing the arcade game to Sir Clive‘s humble 8-bit machine, it doesn’t quite cut it on a global scale. It’s fine in terms of graphics and playability, but it looks a little silly next to the Sega Megadrive version. Or the Master System or Amiga ports.

Like a lot of Spectrum ports of famous arcade games: they can look a little weird compared to other conversions, but the heart of the Spectrum pumps through them and brings them a unique look and feel. Which is the case with Paperboy.

It’s a pity the street graphics don’t change colour every once in a while, and the gameplay is repetitive, but Paperboy is at least playable and fun on the Spectrum for a short while.

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