Paperboy, Commodore 16/Plus4

Joerg Dierks (of Kingsoft in Germany) wrote the C16/Plus4 version of Paperboy, which was published by Elite Systems, mostly on cassette throughout Europe in 1986.

If you were unlucky enough to actually spend money on this dreadful port you would be forgiven for being angry when the game had finished loading and you finally got to play it… Paperboy on the C16/Plus4 is beyond awful and I’m sure the machine(s) can do better than this. This port features terrible, jerky scrolling, eyebrow-raising colour clash, sluggish controls, and a very loose approximation of the gameplay from the original Paperboy.

The bike doesn’t animate when you turn left or right; thrown newspapers look more like logs; hitting a target (ie. delivering a newspaper to a subscriber) seems almost impossible… I could go on listing the game’s faults, but I won’t.

The C16/Plus4 version of Paperboy is by far the worst version of the game ever made and you should only consider wasting time on it if you want to see how bad the game really is. The chance of you deriving any kind of enjoyment out of it is pretty much zero…

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