Burger Man, Atari ST

This horrible BurgerTime clone was created by Cloud Nine Developments and published by Byte Back for the Atari ST and Amiga in 1991, and – like the Amiga version of Burger Man – I find it highly offensive on a number of different levels.

That Cloud Nine and Byte Back thought they could insult the intellgence of 16-bit home computer owners with this dross is the main reason I despise it. The badly-designed levels are another reason. The hideous graphics and animation are another. And the fact that they [the developers and publisher] would insult Data East‘s classic BurgerTime with this lame-ass remake, in the frankly misguided hope that people might think that it would be “better” than the original… Shyeah, right

Burger Man is the product of a dull imagination, sloppy coding, and “quick-buck” marketeers, and is one of those games that should be consigned to the dustbin of history and forgotten about forever. The only positive thing I can say about this conversion is: at least the music isn’t quite as bad as the dirge heard in the Amiga version (which is among the worst video game music I’ve ever heard in my life). And the ST version I played also had a trainer, so at least I got to see past level four. Not that that changed my opinion of this game in any way. It’s still a pile of crap. Unlike the original BurgerTime, which is a f**ktonne better than this garbage remake.

More: Burger Man on Moby Games

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