Burger Time, Commodore 64

This Commodore 64 clone of Data East‘s classic BurgerTime was coded by Lee Braine, with music by Chris Cox, and was first published Interceptor Software in 1984.

Like most unofficial BurgerTime clones of the early to mid 1980s, it’s really not very good. The game is at least relatively well-produced for the time, with a short but jolly title screen tune and reasonably responsive controls. Where it falls down, though, is with the perennial issue of lining yourself up to get on and off ladders (which is not as bad as I’ve experienced in other BurgerTime clones, but still doesn’t feel quite right). There’s also an issue with the direction of the pepper when you spray it, which doesn’t go where you want it to and can easily lead to death (and using the pepper also causes the game to noticably slow down). If you do lose a life you must attempt a level from scratch, which isn’t authentic to the BurgerTime experience (you should carry on a level from where you left off, with all the constituent parts of the burgers staying where they are).

As the levels increase, so do the number of enemies chasing you, and this becomes a real problem by level four, when there are five enemies chasing you. Enemy AI is not as ‘quirky’ as in the original BurgerTime, so fooling enemies with your positioning doesn’t work quite as well. At least enemies are not too fast, or too direct in chasing you down. In fact, they seem pretty dumb overall. Some of the levels also seem badly-designed too, giving you few options in terms of reaching higher platforms, or escaping from enemies. There are just too many dead ends. Enemies also often re-spawn right on top of you, giving you no chance to avoid them, which is typical of this kind of amateurish clone. It lacks attention to detail and polish.

Interceptor were cheeky enough to allow an almost direct copy of BurgerTime‘s title (the same, but with a space between “Burger” and “Time“, unlike the original’s title, which is the two words joined together), but back in 1984 companies could often get away with ripping-off arcade games in their entirety, without recourse.

Burger Time is a crappy clone to be honest, and – rather ironically – it too was cloned, or rather: re-made by Megastyle/Loadstar for the C64 in 1997, as Burger Time ’97. Which is a much better clone of BurgerTime than this lame effort.

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