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Judge Dredd, Commodore 64

The second Judge Dredd game on the Commodore 64 was developed by Random Access and published by Virgin Games in 1991, and while it’s better than the crappy 1986 Judge Dredd game from Melbourne House, it’s still not very good.

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Judge Dredd, Amiga

The 1990 version of Judge Dredd, developed by Random Access and published by Virgin Games, is a frustrating and barely playable platform action game that is hamstrung by restrictive game mechanics.

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Judge Dredd, Atari ST

The Atari ST version of the 1990 Judge Dredd game from Virgin Games is pretty much identical to the Amiga version – and the 8-bit versions – which means that it’s another failed attempt to bring the famous 2000AD comic character to life in a video game.

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Judge Dredd, ZX Spectrum

This second attempt at a Judge Dredd game on the Spectrum was developed by Random Access (the development team at The Sales Curve) and published by Virgin Games in 1990, although there is some debate about how widespread the game’s release actually was.

Was the game even properly released, or was it cancelled and some copies leaked out? Few people seem to have had a copy and it only recently turned up on game preservation sites. There were reviews in most of the major magazines at the time, although this doesn’t indicate whether the game was released or not.

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