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10 Best Manic Miner Conversions

LISTS: as decided by The King of Grabs, in order of greatness:

1. XBox 360
2. Game Boy Advance
3. MSX
4. Commodore 64
5. Amstrad CPC
6. SAM Coupé
7. Amiga
8. BBC Micro
9. Oric
10. Dragon 32

Of course, nothing beats the ZX Spectrum original.

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Manic Miner in the Lost Levels – a homebrew download for the Nintendo DS

All hail to Miner Willy and to Matthew Smith.

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Manic Miner, XBox 360

The original Manic Miner, emulated perfectly on XBox 360 by Elite Systems in 2012, plus with historical background notes, “Winter Mode”, scan lines on or off, pixel filtering, cheat mode, and more.

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Manic Miner, Game Boy Advance

Jester Interactive‘s 2002 remake of Manic Miner must surely rate as the best version of Manic Miner available (excepting maybe the Spectrum original), although it might play too quickly for some.

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Manic Miner, Amstrad CPC

The excellent Amstrad CPC version of Manic Miner was first released by Software Projects in 1984.

It is very close to the ZX Spectrum original in almost every respect, barring the fact that the colours are slightly less vivid and the play window is slightly smaller. Oh, and the last level is different – like an expanded (and more difficult) version of the last screen in the Speccy original.

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Manic Miner, BBC Micro

BBC Manic Miner was released by Software Projects in 1984.

Compared to the Spectrum original it is slow and flickery, and isn’t quite as colourful, although it plays pretty much identically so isn’t too bad.

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Manic Miner, SAM Coupé

Matthew Smith‘s famous Manic Miner was released for the SAM Coupé in 1992 by Revelation Software. I’m not sure if it’s an official conversion or not.

Actually, there are two versions of Manic Miner that I’ve found for the SAM Coupé. One contains levels that are different to the original (except for the first level), and the other contains three different versions of Manic Miner, including the original levels (three sets of 20 levels, totalling 60).

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