Manic Miner, SAM Coupé

Matthew Smith‘s famous Manic Miner was released for the SAM Coupé in 1992 by Revelation Software. I’m not sure if it’s an official conversion or not.

Actually, there are two versions of Manic Miner that I’ve found for the SAM Coupé. One contains levels that are different to the original (except for the first level), and the other contains three different versions of Manic Miner, including the original levels (three sets of 20 levels, totalling 60).

Graphically and sonically SAM Coupé Manic Miner is considered something of a step-up from the original by most people, but I think the graphics are mixed. While the in-game platforms and sprites are all quite lovely, the air; the score font, and the faces representing remaining lives look a bit amateurish in my opinion.

Manic Miner on the SAM Coupé plays well in general. The controls are responsive and Miner Willy looks great with the extra colours. The original Manic Miner levels look great and are brilliantly designed, but the extra levels are mixed in terms of playability.

If you’re a Manic Miner fan: this is a must-play game if you’ve never seen it before.

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