Manic Miner, Oric

The Tangerine Oric version of Manic Miner was first released in 1985 and is a reasonable attempt at the game, but certainly nothing special.

The graphics seem weirdly squashed, compared to other versions, which is probably something to do with the pixel aspect ratios of the Oric video modes. The game runs quite slowly and there is quite a lot of very strange colour clash, which is disconcerting.

The Oric version of Manic Miner features 12 ‘new’ levels (so 32 in total), which tends to get people quite excited. Often these extra levels are not as good as the original levels, but I didn’t get far enough into the game to playtest any of them. Life’s too short…

Oric Manic Miner isn’t very good to be honest, and only a fanatic would try to claim otherwise.

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