Manic Miner, Amiga

I would love to say that the 1990 Amiga conversion of Manic Miner is perfect, but it isn’t.

There are some flaws with the way Miner Willy jumps. When Willy is inside some platforms, and you hold down jump, he will jump regardless of if he’s standing on a platform or not. Which looks like a bug to me.

The graphics are a bit messy too – considering that this is on an Amiga I’m surprised that it doesn’t look as crisp and as colourful as either the SAM Coupé version or the Spectrum original.

The Amiga version of Manic Miner also features Manic Miner II which is… erm, interesting.

Manic Miner II is basically a remake of Manic Miner with larger graphics and scrolling levels. It’s an okay game. The jumping mechanics are quite nice (Willy jumps in a slow, fluid arc and responds well to the controls), but some of the extra graphics are confusing; looking like harmful items when really they’re not. In summary: the overall presentation is a bit poor but the game feels reasonably good to play.

Manic Miner on the Amiga is worth a look if you’re a completest.

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