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Doom, Atari Jaguar

The Atari Jaguar conversion of id Software‘s classic Doom is actually pretty good. It’s a lot better than the Super Nintendo port, which should be expected. It was first released in November 1994 by Atari Corporation. id‘s John Carmack programmed the bulk of the engine, with Dave Taylor handling multiplayer code, and with Atari‘s help on the production and testing side of things.

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Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, Atari Jaguar

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story is a fighting game, based on the 1993 film by Rob Cohen and starring Jason Scott Lee, and released for the Atari Jaguar in 1994. Like the film, the game is a fictionalised dramatisation of the life of actor and martial artist, Bruce Lee, taking place in various time periods with Bruce fighting against different adversaries.

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