The Immortal, Megadrive/Genesis

The Immortal is a legendary RPG from Electronic Arts that was originally released for the Apple IIGS, then later ported to other systems, including this 1991 Megadrive conversion which is arguably the best version of The Immortal out there.

You play a wizard trying to gain a foothold in a hostile fantasy world. The view is isometric. You can explore, interact with other characters, collect loot, and of course get into combat.

Combat is real-time and switches to a separate screen when it starts, showing you and your opponent slugging it out. The combat controls are not too dissimilar to those of a beat ’em up. You press the d-pad and buttons to dodge, and pull off certain moves. Your health bar is shown on the left, and your opponent’s is on the right, and it’s basically a war of attrition to beat your enemy before he beats you.

When you do beat an enemy, more often than not you’re rewarded with a gory ‘finishing’ animation, and they vary quite a bit. They are all superb, though, and really add some ‘spice’ (ie. much needed humour) to proceedings.

There are simple puzzles to solve, like putting gems in the right places to open up the path ahead, and small sub quests like rescuing people so that they’ll do you a favour later.

The Immortal is a simple but challenging game overall, and it is one still worth playing today. Once you get used to the controls and start paying attention to what’s said on screen, then you’ll no doubt make some headway. If you get stuck: you can always refer to a walkthrough.

The graphics and music are atmospheric. There’s a password system so you can carry on from the level you left off, and there are eight levels in total.

The Immortal is an excellent action-oriented, console-based RPG – arguably one of the best of its type on the Megadrive.

More: The Immortal on Wikipedia

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