Mega Bomberman, Megadrive/Genesis

I have said previously on this blog that no system is complete without a version of Hudson Soft‘s Bomberman, and the Megadrive has one in the form of Mega Bomberman.

Mega Bomberman is actually a remake of the PC Engine game, Bomberman ’94, and it features scrolling, multi-screen levels that often contain unlockable extensions (complete the stage to open up a door to an extra bit), and various other secrets.

There are two different game modes and either can be played by up to four players.

‘Battle Mode’ is a versus game against human or AI opponents and can be configured before playing.

‘Normal Mode’ is a cooperative campaign through six different stages, each with multiple levels and a boss fight. The aim is to drop bombs and blow up the various enemies on each screen, before the timer runs down.

As anyone who knows Bomberman knows, the key thing to surviving is in knowing how to avoid the blasts while at the same time tricking your opponents into walking into them…

In Mega Bomberman there are also eggs that can be found by blowing up certain blocks. When the eggs hatch they deliver a… kangaroo! Which can be ridden and has its own special powers. There are actually multiple kangaroos, each with different powers and appearance. And if you never knew that kangaroos hatched from eggs… well you do now!

Great to play one, two, three, or four-player, Mega Bomberman is another must-play Megadrive game and a top-of-the-line classic from Hudson Soft.

More: Bomberman ’94 on Wikipedia

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