Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny, Amiga

The Amiga version of Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny was converted by Keith Jackson of DMA Systems Ltd. and was first published by Origin Systems in 1990.

Unfortunately the Amiga port is really bad at reading keyboard presses, which makes the game very tedious to play and even results in mistakes being made by the player on occasion. Also: some sections of important text scroll right by without you being able to read them, rather than each piece requiring a key press to continue. And the karma system seems broken, because shop prices were much higher than in other versions. Which is a pity because – otherwise – this is a reasonably faithful adaptation of the classic RPG, with decent graphics and music.

One unique feature I did notice about the Amiga port was that the mouse cursor seems to float underneath some of the background graphics, which is weird. Both this, and the problems mentioned above, indicate that this was either a rushed port, or that the converting programmer didn’t take enough care with it.

Both the Amiga and Atari ST conversions of Ultima V have serious issues with unresponsive controls, although the Amiga version is by far the worst, in my opinion. Play either the PC version (which has the best controls) or the Apple II original, if you want the best experience of Ultima V.

More: Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny on Wikipedia
GOG: Ultima 4+5+6 on GOG.com

Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny Keyboard Commands for Amiga:

a = Attack
b = Board
c = Cast
e = Enter
f = Fire
g = Get
h = Hole up
i = Ignite
j = Jimmy lock
k = Climb up
l = Look
m = Mix
n = New order
o = Open
p = Push
q = Save
r = Ready
s = Search
t = Talk
u = Use
v = View
x = Exit
y = Yell
z = Stats
Space = Pass turn
F5 = Toggle between music and sound effects
Escape = Exit/leave battle
1 to 6 = Set active player
0 = No active player

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