Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny, PC

The PC MS-DOS version of Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny was first published by Origin Systems in 1988 and it is arguably the best version of this classic RPG available for any system.

You can import a character from Ultima IV if you want to, or you can go through the character creation process by answering a series of virtue-based questions, which is similar to that seen in Ultima IV, only this time it’s much quicker.

If you want a detailed explanation of Ultima V‘s story and gameplay: read my review of the Apple II original. I won’t repeat myself here, but what I will say is that the PC version of this game is faster and more playable than the Apple II original, and it also has better, more colourful graphics.

The original DOS version of Ultima V had no music, but a fan-made patch by The Exodus Project adds music from the Apple II/Commodore 128/Amiga versions, plus a few other small fixes. As far as I’m aware there is no fan-made patch to enhance the graphics, but – to be honest – they’re more than good enough as they are, so it’s not really needed.

The version of Ultima V that I’m showing here is the one available on GOG.com, which runs fine in DOSBox.

Note: there is a bug in the DOS version of Ultima V that prevents the number keys from responding when pressed. Simply toggle ‘Num Lock’ off and the number keys should work again. If that doesn’t work, try turning ‘Num Lock’ off before starting the game. If that doesn’t work go to language settings in Windows and set English as the default language. If that doesn’t work, search for “Ultima V numlock patch” in a search engine. The patch should be a last resort, though.

More: Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny on Wikipedia
GOG: Ultima 4+5+6 on GOG.com

Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny Keyboard Commands for PC MS-DOS:

a = Attack
b = Board
c = Cast
e = Enter
f = Fire
g = Get
h = Hole up
i = Ignite
j = Jimmy lock
k = Climb up
l = Look
m = Mix
n = New order
o = Open
p = Push
q = Save
r = Ready
s = Search
t = Talk
u = Use
v = View
x = Exit
y = Yell
z = Stats
Space = Pass turn
CTRL+b = Buffer on/off
CTRL+e = Exit game
CTRL+k = View karma
CTRL+s = Sound on/off
CTRL+v = Version
Escape = Exit/leave battle
1 to 6 = Set active player
0 = No active player

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