Resident Evil 2, PlayStation

Capcom‘s Resident Evil 2 really elevated the survival horror genre to great heights, way back in 1998 when it was first released.

Mostly because it was more gritty and serious than the first game, but also because it was a much more complex storyline in this one: with two different characters playing the same scenario, but from different perspectives (and provided on two different CD-ROMs). Effectively giving you two games in one. So you play one character on a ‘A’ game, and the other on a ‘B’ game, by loading your save in from having completed one half of the game.

And the actions of one character in the game have an effect on what the second character experiences in their game later.

This – in itself – is a dazzling feature, but there is so much more to Resident Evil 2 than that.

The only real downside is that the original Resident Evil 2 graphics are looking a bit dated these days, but that’s what happens when you use pre-rendered graphics at 640×480 (PAL standard) resolution, and blow them up to high definition.

But that doesn’t really matter here because the game is so good. As an atmospheric survival horror game, there are few titles around that can beat Resident Evil 2 in terms of entertainment and variety.

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10 thoughts on “Resident Evil 2, PlayStation”

    1. Two was definitely a huge step in the right direction for the series. I played RE one first, but wasn’t too impressed at the time. Two blew my mind though. I remember me and Macca (PC Zone writer) sitting up to play this all night in my old flat in London. Playing through it again recently brought back lots of great memories – especially the monster fight on the lift as it descended. I would love to play a HD remaster of this. Does one exist? The GameCube version (which I have – I have all the GC RE games up to 4) was just a slightly enhanced version of the PlayStation version, IIRC.


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