Ecstatica II, PC

This sequel to Andrew Spencer Studios‘ brilliant Ecstatica is a worthy survival horror game in its own right. In it you play a knight trapped inside a gigantic castle full of monsters and must fight your way out to freedom.

Graphically, it is just as good as the original, only with a higher resolution (640×480) display. Colour-wise the game looks a bit strange. Kinda like twilight, with weird colour schemes and subdued light. It does lack some of the dramatic camera angles of the original, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. It possibly makes the game more playable. It still contains plenty of surprises.

Like the first Ecsatica, Ecstatica II requires a lot of running around and fighting. Knowing when to run and when to fight is advantageous. Knowing where the weapons and armour are is also advantageous! The puzzles are even more obscure in this sequel, though, so the game is probably worth playing with the help of a walkthrough.

Ecstatica II was still a significant release for Psygnosis in 1997, though, and a serious competitor to Capcom‘s famous Resident Evil series. I’d really like to see this game (and the first one) made available on GOG (and other outlets). It’s a shame it seems to be currently languishing in retro-gaming limbo.

More: Ecstatica II on Wikipedia

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