Resident Evil 6, PC

Resident Evil 6 continues Capcom‘s infamous survival horror series in such a high-octane fashion, that its fifteen minute pre-title action sequence would shame even a James Bond film.

In this one you can play as either Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Jake Mueller and Ada Wong, each of whom have their own partners and interweaving storylines, and their own unique abilities.

The basic Resident Evil 4 style of gameplay has been retained (third-person 3D), although this time you can roll to evade, and you can also shoot while running, which are new features.

Resident Evil 6 also builds on 5‘s cooperative and multiplayer elements as well. A second player can join at any time, locally or online, and up to four players can play cooperatively.

The popular Mercenaries mode from Resident Evil 3 is present again, allowing time-limited, points-based kill sprees, and the precision of Resident Evil 5‘s aiming has also been retained.

Resident Evil 6 may be edging towards generic action in the view of some people, but – to me – it dips in and out of gloriously creepy Gothic and sci-fi horror quite successfully and Capcom hasn’t dropped the ball yet.

More: Resident Evil 6 on Wikipedia

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