Resident Evil HD Remaster, PC

Let’s face it: Resident Evil (one) was never the best game to begin with…

When you make a story-based game, the first thing you start with is a script. And Resident Evil‘s script (mostly notably: its dialogue) has always been laughable.

With such memorable lines as: “Thanks for saving my life! Now, shouldn’t you be elsewhere?” and character mood swings bordering on the insane, you’d be forgiven for writing Resident Evil off with derisory laughter.

But a lot of people think that it’s still a great game.

Me? I think that it’s fairly stupid, but enjoyable enough…

In my mind: it’s a game that showed the potential of what was to come, because it wasn’t until Resident Evil 2 that the series really came alive.

Resident Evil one – like its subject matter – is somewhat moribund, and has been elevated by what came after it, than by its own inherent qualities.

That said: this 2015 HD remaster is beautiful to look at. It’s not bad to play either. Slightly dicky controls. Too dumb to be scary!

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