Final Fantasy IV, Super Nintendo

Looking a little primitive compared to the 2005 remake for the Game Boy Advance, this original, 1991 Super Nintendo adventure nevertheless is a pioneering game. It was the first Final Fantasy game released for the Super Nintendo (the previous three all being Famicom releases), and the first to use the “Active Time Battle” system.

You play a dark knight, called Cecil, who is on a mission to stop the evil sorcerer Golbez from destroying the world. During the game you control a variety of different characters, all of whom can be added to your party as the story dictates. You explore the world, completing quests, and fighting monsters at random intervals for what seems like forever… I’m laughing, although every good RPG fan knows that grinding is good…

Final Fantasy IV established a look and feel for the series that continued, really, until Final Fantasy VII came along. I suppose you could call this the “SNES period” of Final Fantasy history.

While I do like Final Fantasy IV on the SNES I have to confess that I prefer playing the enhanced GBA remake, given the choice. The remake looks and plays so much better.

Note: there is some confusion over the naming of Final Fantasy IV, because it was initially released in North America as Final Fantasy II. Lord knows why, and I think this has pretty much been forgotten about with subsequent re-releases reverting back to the original title.

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One thought on “Final Fantasy IV, Super Nintendo”

  1. Played this one on emulation, as I have pretty spotty experience with early Final Fantasy’s. I remember really enjoying it, good technical step up, more coherent and focused story and characters, and really good lurch in the right direction.

    I put it down for some reason and never finished it. Do they go to the moon? I get the feeling they went to the moon. I get the feeling I put it down around then. When these knights and mages, in a fantasy world… went to the moon. I think my brain just sort of tapped out.

    I’m sure it made sense in the grand scheme of things, but that’s how my memory pegs it (admittedly this’ll have been 10+ years ago now).

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