Cannon Fodder, Atari ST

Sensible Software‘s classic Cannon Fodder is still the same great overhead war game on the Atari ST as it was on the original platform – the Amiga. Although it has to be said that it’s not quite as good as the Amiga version

The Amiga version has better scrolling (in this the screen flicks, rather than scrolls, and it is annoying). It also has much better sampled music. In this the brilliant title song, “War (Has Never Been So Much Fun)“, is reduced to a hissy sample track on the ST, but at least they tried…

Otherwise – as I said – Cannon Fodder is still the same classic game as played on the Amiga. Same levels; same feel; same great atmosphere. Blasting through jungles, swamps and tundra with just a mouse and your hunting skills. It’s a classic ST game!

The Atari ST version of Cannon Fodder was first published by Virgin Interactive in 1994.

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GOG: Cannon Fodder on

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