Demon’s Crest, Super Nintendo

What is interesting about Demon’s Crest – a 1994 SNES release from Capcom – is that it is a spin-off from the Ghosts ‘N Goblins series.

Eagle-eyed gamers will recognise the red-skinned, demonic lead character – called Firebrand – as an enemy from the original arcade game. In fact: Demon’s Crest is actually the third game featuring Firebrand, after Gargoyle’s Quest (Game Boy), and Gargoyle’s Quest II (NES).

Whether you’ve played the first two games or not makes no difference – Demon’s Crest stands on its own. And it stands on its own in terms of difficulty as well, because parts of the game are extremely tough to beat.

But the challenge is worth investigating, because this side-scrolling platform game features some wonderful graphics and neat gameplay mechanics. Just be warned: Demon’s Crest will have you tearing your hair out (unless you resort to either ‘skillz’ or Action Replay codes and quicksaves).

More: Demon’s Crest on Wikipedia

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