Magicland Dizzy, ZX Spectrum

Magicland Dizzy is the fourth Dizzy adventure game and the first game in the series not designed and coded by The Oliver Twins. Instead it was designed by Neal Vincent and coded by Big Red Software, with The Oliver Twins retaining creative oversight.

The game follows on from Fantasy World Dizzy and sees Dizzy on a quest to rescue his six friends who have been put under a spell by the evil wizard Zaks. Dizzy‘s familiar somersault jumping style has been retained, as have the many hazards that instantly lose him lives (like falling into water, for example).

In Magicland Dizzy the player starts the game with three lives and Dizzy this time has a health bar, which is a new addition. Health can be topped-up by collecting diamonds that are found scattered around the maze.

Dizzy meets and interacts with a variety of different characters throughout the game, including: The Queen of Hearts, Glenda the good witch, Prince Charming, and a variety of unusual creatures who can be a help or a hindrance. Which you have to work out. Many of these characters, and the locations you visit, are based on a variety of traditional fairy tales.

Overall, Magicland Dizzy is a challenging platform adventure game with more puzzles and more variety than previous Dizzy games. It was well received by critics and games-players alike and was converted to most popular home systems of the time, including Amstrad CPC, C64, Amiga, Atari ST and PC MS-DOS. There was also an enhanced 128K version for the Spectrum, with a continuous soundtrack while you played.

Final note: Magicland Dizzy was remade as Wonderland Dizzy for the NES in 1993, and was planned to be released as part of a Dizzy collection, but when that was scrapped the game sat unreleased for decades, until it was released for free by The Oliver Twins in 2015. At the time of writing it is still available to legally download from

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