Dizzy 3 and a Half, ZX Spectrum

Dizzy 3 and a Half was released for free on a Crash magazine cover tape (issue 84, January 1991) and basically serves as an introduction to (and a sales device for) Magicland Dizzy, the fourth Dizzy adventure.

It’s really only six screens in size and contains just two puzzles, where you have to rescue Danny and acquire some Sky Boots in order to cross a stretch of water, then get an engine going in order to power a teleporter. Once you’ve done that, and have used the teleporter, you then get a message telling you to continue your adventure in Magicland Dizzy.

What’s neat about Dizzy 3 and Half is that everything in it – apart from the final screen – is unique to this demo. Even the character you rescue, Danny, is unique to this demo and never appeared in another Dizzy game. Other than that: there’s not much else to say about it.

See also: The Dizzy adventure series on The King of Grabs

More: Crash magazine issue 84

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