Fantasy World Dizzy, ZX Spectrum

The third Dizzy adventure, Fantasy World Dizzy, was again designed by The Oliver Twins with graphics by Neil Adamson. It was published by Codemasters in 1989, initially for the ZX Spectrum, but also later for all the major formats at the time (Amstrad CPC, C64, Amiga, ST, and MS-DOS).

Fantasy World Dizzy was the first game in the series to feature elements that later become staples for all subsequent Dizzy games, like having more than one life, a better balance between puzzle-solving and hazard avoidance, and an improved inventory system.

In this one Dizzy must rescue his girlfriend Daisy from the King Troll by collecting hidden coins. Fantasy World Dizzy also introduces the rest of the ‘Yolkfolk’ on the title screen (Denzil, Dylan, Dozy, and Grand Dizzy), all of whom appear at various points in the game.

Overall, Fantasy World Dizzy is a relatively decent platform/puzzle game. The graphics are colourful and quite impressive for a “cartoon adventure”. Gameplay-wise, it’s quite enjoyable too. It definitely feels like a more well-rounded and playable game than previous Dizzy games, which is something.

Fantasy World Dizzy was also the first Dizzy game to be released as simultaneous 48K and 128K versions for the ZX Spectrum. The previous Dizzy game, Treasure Island Dizzy, also had a 128K version, but it came retrospectively, after the game’s initial release.

Final note: Fantasy World Dizzy was converted to the NES in 1993 under the title of Mystery World Dizzy, but it wasn’t released until 24 years later when it was made available for free on the official Dizzy website. At the time of writing it’s still available to legally download at

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