Cannon Fodder, Game Boy Color

Believe it or not: Sensible Software‘s classic Amiga game, Cannon Fodder, was also released for the Game Boy Color, and it’s actually not a bad game at all. It was developed by Sensible Software themselves – so is very authentic to the original – and was published by Codemasters in 2000.

In spite of the small screen and lack of mouse controls Cannon Fodder on the GBC actually works well with two-button controls. One button moves your squad and the other makes them fire their weapons. The d-pad moves the aiming cursor around which acts as a pointer.

The intermission screens have been changed to show some barracks (where you can save, load and quit a game, and view a status report), a cemetery (which shows men lost during missions, replacing the hills of the original), a memorial statue (showing high scores), and a helicopter (which begins the next mission).

All 72 levels from the original game have been translated to the GBC and anyone who’s played the Amiga version will know most of them. Graphically, the game is decent, with characterful sprites and well-drawn backgrounds. The scrolling is smooth and the screen moves along with both the cursor and the movement of your men. The only real downside is the lack of screen area visible at one time, meaning that you have to move carefully and react quickly if you encounter enemy. Cannon Fodder on the GBC is quite a fast-paced game so requires good responses to beat – especially on later levels when the enemy have rocket launchers.

Cannon Fodder on the GBC is an excellent conversion and well worth a play today. That said: if you were to play only one version of the game I’d recommend the Amiga original or the PC MS-DOS version over this. That doesn’t diminish how good Cannon Fodder is on Nintendo‘s handheld, though.

More: Cannon Fodder on Wikipedia

2 thoughts on “Cannon Fodder, Game Boy Color”

  1. If I remember the Amiga version remains the definitive purely because the MS-DOS version has some pretty rough midi replacing the music

    As for the GBC port, I played it briefly many moons ago and was really impressed at how faithful a port it was. Wasn’t a big fan of the new menus, but appreciate boot hill probably couldn’t fit on the screen. I never got far on it though, and I do wonder how infuriating some of the later levels might be – they were a nightmare enough with mouse

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