Half-Life 2, PC

Half-Life 2 was first released by Valve Corporation in 2004. It was such a giant leap forward for games in general – not just first-person shooters – that its reverberations are still being felt today.

Half-Life (one) is a brilliant game, but Half-Life 2 completely blows it out of the water.

Half-Life 2 feels so incredibly well accomplished. The Source Engine gives the game an unprecedented level of detail in the environments, the physics, the lighting, and the controls. The story and pacing are top of the line. The variety in the gameplay astounding. The continuing adventures of Gordon Freeman are the distillation of almost a decade of ideas and work on the part of Valve‘s developers and its impact on gaming in general has not been surpassed.

I remember buying the game on DVD when it first came out, installing it on my PC, and then having to wait about 12 hours for my dial-up internet to download a 1GB+ patch over (a very early) Steam before I could play it. I wasn’t best pleased about that, but afterwards my friends would come over and we would play through the game together – taking turns at the controls. Few games manage to generate such interest nowadays…

And Half-Life 2 is still going strong today. Some 14 years after release. So strong – in fact – that Half-Life 3 may never be released. Will Half-Life 2 just last forever? Of course it will…

I have to say that I still play Half-Life 2 today. Combined with Half-Life 2 Episode One & Episode Two, Half-Life 2 is still one of the greatest shooters ever made and a great sandbox to play around in, with the amazing Gravity Gun and the various other weapons and toys at your disposal.

You can forget all your Call of Dutys and your Sniper Elites – Half-Life 2 is better than all of them… And it will long be remembered after all the others have been forgotten.

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