The Witcher 3 Achievements, PC

I had these screenshots of my Witcher 3 achievements popping on Steam, and they were sat on my hard drive doing nothing, so I thought I’d share them with the world.

Mainly because they were not easy to get…

If I remember correctly I had to hit Alt and Print Screen at just right time to get these, then paste them into Photoshop. Which is not an ideal way of grabbing screenshots, but unfortunately the achievement graphics are omitted when Steam takes a screenshot, so there was no other way. Actually, Fraps might have done it, but I didn’t try. It doesn’t work with everything.

Anyway: here you go… my achievement grabs. These are not all the achievements in the game by the way – just 39 of them. 🙂

If I’m being honest: there are still a couple I haven’t got yet. The Gwent high score achievement, and complete the game on Death March difficulty.

For a full list of Witcher 3 achievements click here.

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