Vagrant Story, PlayStation

Vagrant Story is an action/RPG released by Square in 2000 for the PlayStation. Some people rate it as one of Square‘s best games of all time. Which is saying something.

It’s an adventure with swords and magic, comic book cut scenes, and an excellent turn-based combat system. In Vagrant Story, when you attack something, you can choose which part of the enemy to hit (head, arms, legs, etc.), making for more tactical combat than your average level-grinder.

Stylistically, Vagrant Story is also a cut above the rest. Everything from character modelling, to level design, to interface, to typography is beautifully realised. Presentation throughout is wonderful. Anyone lucky enough to get to play this game will have a treat from start to finish. Unless you’re one of the unlucky few who won’t get on with combat system.

Almost 20 years old now (at the time of writing) this game! How time flies…

More: Vagrant Story on Wikipedia

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