Combat Lynx, Amstrad CPC

The Amstrad CPC version of Combat Lynx looks a bit like the BBC version (ie. chunky), but is thankfully more colourful – and more playable.

It’s a bit easier to score points in this conversion (compared to all the others), so is more fun to play overall.

I would say that the Spectrum version is probably the best, in terms of looks and controls and playability, although scoring points is not easy. The C64 and Amstrad versions are easier to score points in, so are slightly more enjoyable to play. Nobody wants to fly around, shooting missiles, not scoring any points… But that’s what you’re faced with if you don’t learn how to play Combat Lynx properly. It’s not easy. But with a search engine you can find the control keys for all four versions of this game, and with a little perseverance you may even be able to score some points in it.

More: Durell Software on Wikipedia

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