Dungeon Master, Super Nintendo

This is a very effective Japanese conversion of the great US, 16-bit classic, Dungeon Master, by FTL Games and Software Heaven.

The conversion was handled by JVC Interactive and was first released in Japan in 1992, before being translated and released in North America and Europe later.

Dungeon Master‘s classic first-person, dungeon-crawling gameplay is intact and well and living inside the Super Nintendo, I’m happy to report. The atmospheric sound effects are just as good – if not better – than the original, and the game doesn’t suffer too much from its translation to gamepad from mouse and keys. It’s still very playable.

The graphics have been re-drawn a bit in places. Some of the monsters have been re-coloured too, although it doesn’t mar things too badly.

Overall: Dungeon Master on the SNES is a great achievement, and is well worth playing all the way through.

More: Dungeon Master on Wikipedia

Dungeon Master versions on here:
Original Atari ST version
PC MS-DOS version
Sharp X68000 version
Super Nintendo version

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