Super Metroid, Super Nintendo

The third game in the Metroid series is a top class Super Nintendo classic.

Super Metroid (1994) is more detailed than both previous Metroid games put together, although the basic structure is the same – explore various levels to find your latent abilities, all of which have been lost (“Why does this keep happening in Metroid games?” you may ask. “It’s in the script,” is my answer).

Graphically, Super Metroid is great. Nintendo make good use of the SNES‘s Mode 7 abilities, and its colourful palette. Boss battles are dramatic and not too frustrating. There are loads of secrets to find. Super Metroid is also quite a popular speedrun game because it does have many ‘quirks’ in the gameplay that (intentionally or unintentionally) allow the player to make certain shortcuts. Wall Jumping, for example, isn’t a bug, but – as a technique – it is difficult to master. Bomb Jumping too – it’s easy to jump short distances, but – on occasion – you have to jump quite high, vertically, which can be quite daunting.

Still, you can play Super Metroid the ‘noob’ way (by missing all the secret shortcuts) and still have great fun.

Super Metroid is an atmospheric, finely-honed run-and-gun action extravaganza from start to finish. Arguably the best Metroid game of all time and well worth a play any day of the week.

More: Super Metroid on Wikipedia

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